Reflex Paper

Is Victoria's native forestry industry worth it at $5 million a job?

27 June 2016

The viability of Victoria's government-owned native forestry business has been thrown into doubt by a high-level analysis concluding it takes more than $5 million of investment in roads, machinery and equipment to create a single timber job.

Coalition's secret deal to protect AP

20 July 2015

A secret deal by the former State Government to supply Australian Paper with timber at a discounted fixed price has shed further light on the financial vulnerability of the Maryvale Mill.

A Department of Treasury briefing, seen by The Express as supplied by The Age, reveals Maryvale Mill owner Australian Paper had failed to hand over $10 million that VicForests said it was owed.

Victorian native forest timber offered at discount price to Japanese mill

17 July 2015

Australia Paper Morwell site

Australia Paper worker Darrin Canning at the Morwell site. Photo Jason South

Victoria's native timber was offered to a Japanese-owned paper mill at a discounted fixed price as part of a secret government deal to end a protracted multimillion-dollar dispute over unpaid debts.

Logging in East Gippsland losing up to $5.5 million a year

28 May 2015

Environmental activists in East Gippsland. Photo: Goongerah Environment Centre Office

Logging in East Gippsland is not commercially viable and cutting down native forests across the region is racking up losses of up to $5.5 million a year, internal government documents reveal.

Barnaby Joyce accused of pushing Leadbeater's possum towards extinction

13 March 2015

The agriculture minister’s decision to choose paper sourced from forests logged in the possum’s habitat criticised by environmentalists

The Leadbeater's possum

It is thought only 1,500 Leadbeater’s possums have survived. Photograph: Healesville Sanctuary/AAP

Barnaby Joyce, the agriculture minister, has been accused of pushing Victoria’s animal emblem, the Leadbeater’s possum, closer towards extinction by personally intervening to ensure his department uses paper sourced from its habitat.

Australian Paper facing tough choices

26 February 2015

Australian Paper says unless it lifts performance, and soon, the business may not survive, following four straight years of losses.

Chief operating officer Peter Williams says a turnaround in financial performance is ‘critical’ for Australian paper production to continue. The company has just announced the closure of its 60-year-old Shoalhaven mill.

Victoria leads logging of native forests

8 August 2014

Victoria has become the largest producer of wood from logging native forests in the country, following a dramatic contraction in Australia’s native timber industry over the past decade.

The industry’s decline, and Victoria’s rise to the top, is in large part a result of native timber losing its prized international woodchip markets, with domestic and international plantations now favoured by buyers in Japan and China.

Timber auditor axes operations

12 September 2011

THE ORGANISATION that gives a green tick to some of Australia's biggest timber and paper companies has voluntarily suspended most of its operations after a bruising stoush with environment groups over its approval of paper brand Reflex.

SmartWood, a division of Rainforest Alliance, gave up its ability to give out chain of custody certifications following an investigation into its audit of Reflex maker Australian Paper by international governing body the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Reflex loses environmental certification

1 September 2011

UPDATE: RURAL jobs could be at stake after Australia's largest brand of copy paper no longer has an environmental certification.

Reflex copy paper, manufactured by Australia's biggest mill near Traralgon, is no longer certified by the Forest Stewardship Council .

The loss of the certification centres around Reflex's use of native forest woodchip.